Episode 5 – Free stuff, is it really free?

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Starting Out

Today we spent most of the day at the studio recording Lorena Ares. When I got to the hotel I was surprised by a viewers’ question, that is awesome!! The question was concerning the Episode 3, about free stuff. He was offered to get his music mixed for free, but he was worried about the rights that he owned if that was done probono.

The thing is, you have to know what the other person is thinking, they might just want to do things for credits or experience. Make sure you talk about details in each deal, the same with anybody that offers their services for free. After you’ve gotten to an agreement, make sure you write a memo deal (a small contract with details) that states the parts of your agreement (no compensation upfront, rights for each of the parts, etc.).

Also, of your dealing with music being sent to a mixer/masterer, make sure you have copyrighted all the content before you send it out. You never know what people can do with your music once they have it in their hands…

  1. Gary Walker says:

    Great work on your Diary!

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