Episode 8 – How to sell your music on digital outlets

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Distribution

I’ve got this very interesting question in one of my previous episodes. Although I wanted for this diary to be more in order, from beginning to end of an artist’s career (hopefully it never ends right?), I can’t help to start receiving this kind of questions. So I figured out, whoever is interested in this episode will watch it, it doesn’t matter the order, right? And I prefer to do an episode to answer than just do a personal answer, since I think more people will be interested in this matter.

In this episode I take you through the steps to be able to sell your music on digital outlets, such as iTunes, Amazon, etc. This is basically what you will need to do/have:

– Have your music properly produced & clear of samples
– Have your music mixed & mastered
– Copyright your music (www.copyright.gov)
– Get your own UPC/EAN (depending where you want to sell it) code & ISRC Codes
– Have/make a cover artwork
– Find a digital aggregator

If you do this step by step, you shouldn’t have a problem putting your music for sale. Make sure you allow between 3-4 weeks for release once you’ve uploaded your song/album to the aggregator’s system.

By the way, from now on you guys can send your questions/comments/suggestions to indieartistdiary@ireneb.com. I will try to answer by email or with an episode, depending of what the question is about!



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